Over 20 Years of Consulting Experience with 10+ Major Corporations20年以上、自動車関連メーカー10社以上のコンサル実績

Since the company’s founding and for over two decades, we have received consulting and education requests from,mostly but not exclusively,companies involved in automotive production.We have consistently earned positive evaluations for our efforts in nurturing and educating designers.


Comprehensive Design & Modeling Expertiseデザイン×モデリングの総合力

Accumulating know-how in both design and modeling over the years, we provide consulting with a broad perspective. Both viewpoints are crucial, as lacking either in design or modeling might prevent the achievement of a successful final product. Our team possesses specialized knowledge and experience in both areas.


Emphasis on “Nurturing and Educating Designers”「デザイナーのお手伝い」ではなく「デザイナーの育成・教育」に注力

We highly focus on enhancing our clients corporate value through the “training and education of designers”. However, we go beyond simply assisting in the process.Management in big corporations often have limited time for developing their employees, and also the vertical aspect of hierarchies might occasionally impair the communication flow.We like to think of us as partially taking on the role of supporting the technical development of employees on behalf of our clients.



Persistent Pursuit of Cutting-Edge TechnologiesVRやARなど新しい技術の継続的研究

We consistently conduct in-house research on the latest technologies and techniques that, for our clients, might not be as easy to pursue due to bureaucratic and/or logistic issues.
Tailoring our approach to your needs, we handpick cutting-edge technologies and offer them as stimulating additions to your designs. Always researching emergent tech like: Augmented
Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), new softwares/hardware and techniques in the field of 3D Design and Computer Graphics.



All Employees Have a Design Background社員全員がデザインをバックグラウンドとしている

Our team, with a background in design, conducts design consulting. Over the years we’ve noticed that 3D designers and modelers without design experience find it challenging interpreting the designers’ intentions and feelings. Experience in both disciplines greatly helps bridge the conceptualization to the materialization of new products.